The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Call Center Office is simple, complete and flexible, and opens the door to new business opportunities for your company thanks to:


ACD ensures the efficient processing of incoming calls by automatically dispatching them to available agents. There can be up to 32 agents belonging to up to 8 groups. Agents can use all types of terminals (Analog, Digital sets, DECT handsets, IP Touch sets etc.).

If all the agents of a group are busy, an advanced call queuing mechanism is implemented: the calls are placed in waiting queues in chronological order and dedicated messages are broadcast depending on the situation.
Messages can be customized with professional voice prompts recorded in a studio and downloaded within the system. They can also be recorded with a simple set allowing real time update, to adapt messages to a specific situation.

When a call is routed through the ACD, the solution is able to display the called group identification (number and name) for the agent to answer the call with the appropriate greeting.




It is a desktop application that enhances the agent efficiency. It provides session control, personal statistics and screen pop-ups of caller’s information. The agent has access to information such as called and calling number, call’s waiting time in the queue or visualizes the number of waiting calls in the groups.


It provides real-time monitoring for agents, groups and lines. It allows the supervisor an overview of the service level and traffic and if necessary to modify the status of group and agent.


An application dedicated to post-processing of traffic and call information stored in the system. The statistics information concerns the groups, the agents and the call classification. In order to save time, pre-defined reports can be automatically printed.