Extending Avaya systems over Wireless LANs in a Melbourne office improves accessibility, productivity and responsiveness for on-premises mobile employees. These IP Wireless Phone solutions include several different choices to meet diverse end-user needs and environments.

Avaya IP Wireless Phone solutions integrate with Avaya IP Telephony solutions over 802.11a/b/g networks and can scale to support very large numbers of mobile users. Industry-standard 802.11 network compatibility provides end-users with the efficiency of converged voice and data on a single wireless infrastructure. They also gain access to powerful IP Telephony features while on the move. This enables them to make and receive calls while mobile, put calls on hold, transfer calls or conference in other associates.

Avaya offers several options to meet the needs of small to large enterprises working across many different industries.

Avaya offers the 3641 and 3645 IP Wireless Phones for customers using Communication Manager and IP Office. Avaya also offers the 6120 and 6140 IP Wireless Phones for customers using Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 2100, and Business Communications Manager. These phones all support 802.11a/b/g, are durable and liquid/dust resistant, have large displays with an easy to user interface, and offer several battery options for extended talk time.

As of the beginning of 2013, Avaya offers “Universal” handsets which can load either H.323 or UNIStim or SIP software. These “Universal” handsets can be identified by their back bezel around the display.

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