Don’t venture for other phone systems when you have Avaya IP Office. This modular IP system has been designed in such a manner that it not only works as a gadget but one can network with a branch and head office simultaneously. If you are interested with the two in one system, take services of National Telefonix technicians who will install it in your home or office at affordable rates.

Literally, it is a boon for small entrepreneurs who have to manage their affairs and stay in competition in these fast changing times. Most of us want to know the working behind these telephone systems for small business. The entire set-up operates on messaging, conferencing, networking, interactive voice response, and customer management platforms.

Be assured if you have obtained ownership rights for the Avaya IP office system as it works wonders if you have just 5 members in your staff or may have a huge staff of 250 employees.

Avaya IP office is sure to benefit one and all, however how well you will benefit from it depends on the services you hire. You would surely want to benefit the most from it, and that is the main reason why you need us, National Telefonix.


IP Office is the right solution for any small or midsize business, whether you’re a five-person start-up, an established and growing business with 250 employees, or a midsize enterprise with 2,000 employees scattered around the world.

  • Real-time collaboration, from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications
  • Go from five employees to 2,000 and network up to 32 locations
  • Exciting new video collaboration capabilities with Avaya Flare™ Experience and Avaya Radvision Scopia® products
  • Easily launch applications for everyone: mobile and office workers, receptionists, remote staff and customer service agents and supervisors
  • Track, record, and report on calls to ensure optimal customer interactions
  • Use IP, digital, analog or SIP technology – in any combination with this hybrid solution; IP Office can interoperate with more than 2 million Avaya systems worldwide
  • Combine IP Office with Avaya data networking products (with plug-and-play simplicity), security features, intuitive and centralized management tools, and affordable services for a comprehensive communications solution
  • Scale cost-effectively as your business grows; simply build on what you have, without the need to replace technology
With over 300,000 systems installed worldwide, IP Office is the leader in unified communications and real-time collaboration for small and midsize businesses.
IP Office allows for a more flexible workforce, is simple and cost-effectively scalable, and is ready for whatever the future holds.
A more flexible workforce 
IP Office helps bring together talented individuals to form exceptional teams – to collaborate faster, make smarter decisions and drive better business results. Being able to communicate anytime, on any device is critical today, and IP Office delivers what matters most: responsiveness, accessibility, productivity—by taking collaboration to a whole new level. It’s all about uniting your collective strengths and delivering your collaborative best.
A simple, easily scalable solution
IP Office cost-effectively grows with your business as it grows. Keep your original investment and simply build on it—for capacity or new capabilities. From basic telephony and sophisticated video conferencing, to a wealth of mobility and call center applications. From 5 users to 2,000. From a single site to 32 networked locations. Pair IP Office with our own networking, security and video conferencing products and proven approach to system reliability. Wherever you take your business, IP Office will go there with you.
A future-ready solution
Avaya IP Office is a smart investment in every way, with a total cost of ownership that’s virtually impossible to beat. A feature-rich investment, supported by relentless innovation. An investment you can build on; easily add software to enhance and expand capabilities as you need them. Best of all, it’s an investment that’s proven to deliver exceptional returns.