Melbourne’s Premium Hybrex Office Tools

Here at National Telefonix, we strive to supply the highest quality products to our clients and Hybrex is a premium example of this. Hybrex’s phone systems and door stations include the DK 6-21, 6-31 and the DSS Panel. Known for their exceptional quality and innovative technology in Australia and around the world, it’s no surprise that this company is often the brand of choice for Melbourne offices and businesses.

With incredible features and handsets that offer a multitude of conveniences, including outdoor phones, standard office phones and hi-tech portable products, Hybrex systems can streamline communication between Melbourne employees and clients alike. You no longer need to struggle with outdated technology that is confusing and difficult; with a Hybrex phone system, communicating is more efficient, convenient and accessible than ever before.

A variety of premium brands

At National Telefonix, we are proud to supply a variety of products that offer top of the range quality to our clients, including Alcatel, Avaya and VOIP. We can take care of all your telecommunication needs, from installation to maintenance to IT services. With our professional advice and years of industry experience, you will no doubt find the ideal communication technology to suit your business.

If you are interested in updating your company’s communication system, call us today on 1300 134 588.

Hybrex Features

AUTO TELECOM COMPANY is a World Class Manufacturer and Solution Provider of Telephony Products and Applications. It is the Proud Owner of the International Brand Name HYBREX. Established in 1987, Auto Telecom is the award-winning Manufacturer holding the Symbol of Excellence for the HYBREX Telephone Systems and a comprehensive range of HYBREX Telephony applications marketed and recognized […]

Hybrex Handsets

  Hybrex’s Range Telephone Handsets and Door Stations. Including the Hybrex DK 6-21, 6-31 and the DSS Panel.                                                                           […]