Think of network as when setting up your very own PABX telephone system and an image of dangled wires here and there comes to your mind, but National Telefonix has a different approach to the job. We deliver neat fibre optic cabling services, you will not find tangled wires, or wires lying throughout the room, once we have done the job for you. And our services are so designed that they will take care of all your needs for installing PBX phone system. Whether it is related to video, voice, data or fibre optic, we can do it for you.

When we are working on any PABX telephone system set up, we rely highly on our well trained staff for fibre optic cabling, they are our biggest asset and we are proud to have them. Over the years they have served hundreds of clients of National Telefonix to their complete satisfaction. Network cabling services that we provide are much advance they will sustain you not only today but for years to come. Ensure that your business communications are happening at lightening speed with our services.

IT Relocations, That Do Not Affect Your PABX Telephone System

Businesses shift due to several reasons and the most difficult part of the entire process is shifting your fibre optic cabling, on which relies your whole business networking system. National Telefonix, practices the three keys to accomplish successful IT relocations, that would not affect client’s PABX telephone system and those are experience, planning, and discipline, and it is only through these very virtues we follow that we are successful at handling different level IT relocations.