Web Accounting Software

WebSpy – Internet Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Specialist

WebSpy specializes in developing analysis and reporting software that transforms the raw data in log files into manageable information, providing a transparent view over organizational Internet, email and network usage.

The software enables organizations to protect and maximize their Internet investment and enjoy the benefits of a web-enabled environment while:

  • Encouraging sensible usage of web resources.
  • Reducing costs related to unproductive behavior and bandwidth usage.
  • Mitigating risks relating to duty of care, compliance and legal liability.
  • Assisting in the analysis and prevention of data loss and other security issues.
  • Enhancing workplace morale by providing non-restricted online privileges while limiting the negative issues involved.

WebSpy leads the industry on reporting and alerting on user and system activity data from virtually any data source and can report on more than 200 log formats from different vendors.

WebSpy’s solutions are unobtrusive, scalable and available in different ranges to suit any organizational size or budget. The software solutions do not require the installation of individual monitoring agents, additional network configurations or server installations.