The Soundpro Wideband headset range is dedicated to all-day comfort and call clarity. Delivering professional performance and exceptional value, Soundpro Wideband is a cost-effective headset that doesn’t compromise on quality. Wideband audio technology guarantees truly first-class sound quality and ensures that every conversation is crystal clear. If your telephone system is also wideband-enabled, you’ll experience unprecedented depth, richness and clarity of sound.

Soundpro Wideband headsets are great to look at, comfortable to wear, costeffective and built to last in even the busiest environments. The robust design is backed by a 5 year warranty, so you know your work. The Soundpro Wideband range lets you talk freely and safely.

Wideband Audio for Crystal- Clear Conversations

  • Choice of Noise-cancelling microphone or Voice Tube microphone
  • Large ear cushions for extra comfort
  • Optimised for Contact Centre use
  • All-day durability thanks to robust design
  • 5 year warranty


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