National Telefonix is a provider and installer of 3CX phone systems for Melbourne businesses.

Whether your business operates from a set location or you have a team situated all around the world, 3CX is an IP PBX that presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to fully integrate their communications from day 1 of installation.

3CX has been tried and tested on businesses of all sizes with outstanding results. Need a more agile PBX system that adapts to meet the needs of your business? Want your team to be able to access and manage email, live chat, video conferencing, and much more using one user-friendly system? If so, then National Telefonix has the ideal solution for your business.

3CX makes installation, management, and maintenance of your PBX so easy that you can effortlessly manage it yourself, whether on an appliance or server at your premise or in the cloud.

Key features of the CX3 Office Phone System:

  • Plug and Play with IP Phones, Gateways & SIP Trunks
  • No per extension licensing
  • Save thousands on phone calls with YOUR choice of SIP Trunk
  • Virtualize with VMware, Hyper-V or KVM
  • Run on a low cost Raspberry Pi or MiniPC PBX appliance
  • Easily scale your installation
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