G1E PLUS / M Hybrid IP Systems

The G1E Plus Hybrid IP Communication System combines the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of VoIP. This system offers a vast array of flexible features to handle your business communications needs – Today and Tomorrow!

Designed to cater for most small businesses, right out of the box, the base platform will support up to eight digital system phones configured to make the most of your productive day. For users that need mobility up to four industry standard cordless telephone sets can also be accommodated on analogue ports. There is an embedded four channel automated attendant so your customers can dial station users or departments directly. You can even record your own custom on-hold message in order to provide that professional image you are looking for!

Flexibly connect on your own terms with a variety of outside line choices. The G1E Plus can serve as a branch office system for multi-site VoIP applications or realise the economy of VoIP trunking to traditional networks.
The choice of efficient ISDN or PSTN lines is also available. Or combinations of the above can be used. Whatever your needs the G1E Plus offers a variety of ways to communicate!

The G1E Plus base system can be expanded to a 40 port capacity. But this is not its limit – there are further
expansion options available with many sophisticated features that can be incorporated:

G1E Plus M Options:
Add an optional Processor module to the G1E Plus and all of the sophisticated features inherent in our flagship
range of systems become available to you on the G1E Plus platform. The first option of note is that the G1E Plus becomes expandable to a maximum of 4 cabinets (160 ports). Some other highlights of this feature set are :
Hospitality / Accommodation Packages
Hotel Call accounting, Room Status, Hotel Voicemail *, Emergency Services features *, and many more.

IP Extensions *
Internet-connected IP phones with the same behaviour and functions as standard digital system extensions.
Support your teleworkers with system phone facilities equivalent to that of your office personnel.

LAN Connectivity
LAN connectivity and the Web browser interface of the G1E Plus M provide a host of useful features such as :
easy remote support for your system; easier and more extensive user programming of extension and console
phone functions; access to system Hospitality features, system ACD functions, extra interfaces, and more.

Advanced Voicemail Features *
Multi-level menus to provide more options and better control of incoming calls from your customers.

Twin your digital extension phone with your mobile phone – so wherever you are you are always in touch.

Key features:

  • Mobile twinning
  • Email messaging
  • VoIP calls
  • Voicemail
  • Call accounting
  • Headset capability
  • Auto attendant
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