Bringing the best to you, National Telefonix offers large selection of Melbourne VoIP phone systems. Our vendor neutral approach ensures that our clients with diverse requirements are able to find one that matches their exact specifications. If you have been always confused about making the right choice for your business’s communication needs, visit us once and we will make the choice a breeze for you.

For any large and small business

Flexibility, stunning features, un-compromised functionality and technology that will improve your business productivity are just some of the things you can expect from our range of VoIP systems. The best part about our products is that they will easily adapt to your existing technology. Even if you are using cordless headset, it will work flawlessly with our large and small business phone system. Our VoIP products also come with full warranty and are backed with our highly skilled and experienced support staff. When it comes to fitting Melbourne’s offices with the best telecommunication technology, no problem is too big for National Telefonix.

Combined Services to Suit Your Needs

Simply walk into our store to buy the Melbourne VoIP phone system you need and leave feeling confident about its set up and installation. National Telefonix not only has the best products to offer but also best fibre optic cabling services. We also stock Avaya, Alcatel and Hybrex systems that can truly enhance the way your office runs. Our VoIP phone systems for small business teams are perfect in every way; not only can we help you find a top-of-the-range product, but we can install and maintain it for you as well. If you are shifting your business, you can always contact us for our IT relocations; we can do it seamlessly, ensuring that the systems keep working the same as they used to. You can thus not only benefit from our product but also our combined services.

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